Bistro Chai 5" - 0.75"

$202.68 CAD

*Order fulfilled by FloorBox.

Product sold in boxes.
Price per sq.ft. $8.41
Price per box

(24.1 Sq. Ft. per box)


Gloss (%) Gloss : 10%
Species Maple
Width (in.) 5"
Thickness (in.) 0.75"


Engineered floors, in addition to being nailed to a plywood subfloor, can be installed directly on concrete. The floor can be glued between the battens and laid on a soundproofing membrane directly on the concrete. This is called a floating installation. It is also possible to glue the engineered floor strips to the membrane which is glued to the concrete. This is called a double-glued installation.

  • Sally,  a perfect balance between the natural look of wood and the warmth of nature


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